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[11 Jun 2005|08:51pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hi, I'm new here. This is me:

Name: Madame Night

Type: Witch

Apperence: Long curly dark red hair ( to the waist), Long dark violet cloak. Thin. Dead thin. Emerald Eyes

Flesh: Immortal

Powers: Unlimited. Can do anything. Can make potions and fly (no broomstick)

I only come out in the Night. I cast spells and wonder in dark forests.I am nude under my cloak cause nude is pure beauty.

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[31 May 2003|04:56pm]

Name: Nuriko
Race: Vampire
Appearance: Emerald Green hair that is usually tied in Japanese pigtails. She usually has red ribbons tied into each side. Her eyes are of an Orange-yellow. She wears
Strengths: Telekinesis, Psychokinisis, Reading minds, darkness
Weaknesses: Light. Her eyes glow when shes in the dark so it makes her noticeable
Personality: Nuriko has a more mysterious personality. She is very secretive and what others find funny she finds more annoying. She can gain a sense of humor though, at other peoples expense.
Clan: Nuriko's clan was of the Quessal. This clan was of traditional magic. The often celebrated Telekenisis and Psychokinisis. The Quessal are very power0hungry and dominent, mostly enjoying other's pain. Their food is to kill human prey and eat them. They strive mostly to get demons. One day the demons got to the clan. Nuriko is one of the few survivers. Her family has all parished.

Name: Tessa Capulet
Type: Black Dragon Mistress; Immortal


Hair: Long black straight and silky down to midback.
Eyes: Dark *Black* Sweet looking
Any Clothing: She wears a black cloak in the dragons cave. In public she wears usually black clothing. You'll mostly see her in a tight black mini-dress to highlight her gallant and beautiful figure.

Abilities: Black Dragon magic *Healing, Spells, transformation...anything"
Strengths: Able to stop nething from coming at her with a force bubble. Sweet. Can secretly read minds.
Weaknesses: Emotional. Gets hurt easily. Is usally able to stop nething coming at her but when she doesnt she is severly injured...
Any other information: Tessa is an immortal mistress of the black dragon. She is about 1006 years old but she looks about 18. Ever since she can remember she has been raising a black dragon. Her dragons name is Ebony. Ebony lurks in a cave where Tessa usually goes when she mysteriously dissappears. Tessa is a sweet loving girl and her eyes show it alot. She has a great power to sing and her singing is a calmer and healer. Her favorite place to hang out is 'The Black Dragon Inn'. It's a tavern where she likes to just sit at the pond and question the black dragons existance and where she came from...Her past is so unclear to her and she remembers nothing of it...just waking up by ebony's side...
Call out to me

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